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Cycling UK responds to proposed City Centre fines

Coventry City Council has proposed fining people £100 for cycling at certain times in certain places within the area bounded by the ring road. See map below

Response from Cycling UK's National Office


Response from Cycling UK - Coventry

I am responding to this consultation as the Coventry representative of Cycling UK. Cycling UK is a charitable membership organisation supporting cyclists and promoting pedal cycle use. It has 67,000 members and affiliates, 230 of whom reside in the CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, CV5 & CV6 post code areas.

Close passing (at speed) of pedestrians by cyclists is anti-social. Just as close passing of cyclists by fast cars & lorries is disturbing and potentially fatal.

However it must be recognised that many people are unwilling to cycle with fast or busy motor traffic. In particular across the ring road junctions or on difficult parts of the inner circulatory road such as the shared space junctions, or where bus drivers frequently perform complicated manoeuvres (such as on New Union Street, Hales St., Trinity St., Ironmonger Row and The Burgess). I fear that faced with the choice of cycling on the carriageway, dismounting and pushing their bicycles or travelling to/across the city centre by car, too many people will shift from bicycle to car.

Dissuading people from cycling goes against established Council policy, which is similar to that documented in the West Midlands Cycle Charter which

"sees cycling as playing an important role in addressing the challenges the West Midlands face, which include reducing congestion, carbon and pollution, supporting economic growth and employment, tackling obesity and creating places where people want to live, work, learn, shop and do business."

(See Proposed minor changes to Local Plan)

The legality of using a PSPO to prevent people from cycling along Priory Street as it goes through University Square or though Broadgate is questionable as is the fining of persons who need a pedal cycle to provide mobility.

I therefore suggest that the ban does not apply to cycling as such, but only to close passing of pedestrians by fast cyclists. Failing that it should only apply to the core pedestrianised areas, as defined by the following list:


George Riches, 14 January 2017

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